airbrush spray tanning

custom color expertly applied for your most gorgeous glow

- coming march 2023 - 

You do you, but let us do your spray tan

There's always something to be tan for, right? If you're here, we're guessing you're either a spray tan devotee or looking for a place to get glowing for an upcoming special event. We offer individual spray tans for when you need a quick glow-up, spray tan memberships for clients who like to get bronze and stay bronze, and even packages for special events, like weddings or proms, where you might want to test run a spray tan before the big day. Whatever the situation is, we're excited to offer several options that make getting your tan with us a no-brainer!

Spray tanning doesn't just give you a "spent a week at the beach" glow, but it also:

• Helps camouflage the appearance of minimize the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, cellulite, acne, and varicose veins

• Natural and streak-free glow- we use premium products and meticulously apply them, reaching those hard-to-reach places!

 • Is a quick and simple "pick-me-up" and makes you feel slimmer and look more toned

Luminous, bronzy skin is very desirable in the South, but as licensed estheticians, we strongly endorse using a spray tan to get your glow on because harsh UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays from the sun may not seem like an issue today, but they are the catalyst of skin cancer, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues of tomorrow. Make a commitment to keeping your skin beautiful for life by enjoying regular spray tans!
  • Vacations

  • Wedding & Proms

  • Photoshoots

  • Special Events (Reunions, Dates)

  • A Daily Glow!

$50 - Original Spray Tan (Develops in 8-Hours)

$60 - Express Spray Tan (Develops in 1-3 Hours)

Good Tans Come to Those Who Exfoliate

Shave and exfoliate your skin 24-hours before your tan. Any sooner and you could end up with solution that sets in your pores.

NO Lotions or Deodorants on Tan Day

Please remember not to wear any fragrances, body or hand lotions, gels, or deodorants to you appointment in order to avoid splotches or unwanted colors developing (green armpits, anyone?) Don't worry- we have wipes for if you forget, but nothing beats freshly showered skin.

Extend Your Tan's Life By Moisturizing

Your spray tans responds the best to moisturized skin, so make sure you do this daily. Work smarter, not harder, by incorporating a tan-extending moisturizer into your routine to make your spray tan last even longer and darken color as it begins to fade.

Exfoliate Every Other Day & Use Warm Water

Gently exfoliating every other day helps the tan to wear off evenly, as does using warm (not hot!) water in the bath or shower. As your tan begins to fade, consider using a touch-up mouse or spray on the face and hands especially- these areas are washed and exfoliated the most, so they tend to fade the quickest. It's a simple fix, though!

Fall in love with healthy, glowing skin.
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