The Life Cycle of a Facial

The Life Cycle of a Facial

Many clients turn to facials to get their skin in optimal condition before a big event like a wedding or reunion. Still, regular spa treatments every 4-6 weeks and simple daily care at home make a noticeable difference in the appearance of one’s skin so that you can put your “best face forward” every day, not just once or twice a year.

Facials can treat a myriad of different skin conditions. Acne, dehydration, dullness, and wrinkles are some of the most common skin conditions we see at the spa. Most facials are based on the “Classic European Facial”: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions (if needed), followed by a facial massage, treatment mask, and protective products, such as serums and SPF, applied at the end. At BeautyCall, we base our facial protocols on this classic formula but add different modalities depending on the skin issue we’re treating. This could mean that a high-frequency treatment may be added to heal a breakout faster, or gua sha lymphatic massage may be added to move lymph fluid away from the face, effectively removing puffiness and resulting in the skin feeling and looking more luminous and tighter. The effects of a facial don’t stop once the treatment is finished, however. Read below to see what’s happening to your skin after your facial as the month progresses.


  • Immediately after a facial, your skin is going to have a healthy glow and look revitalized
  • 48-72 hours after your facial, the skin remains hydrated, and circulation is boosted. Increased circulation stimulates the processes in the skin that heal and regenerate collagen. This kicks your normal cell regeneration process into high-gear, which is especially important if you’re trying to regenerate collagen or heal blemishes.
  • Over the next 2-3 weeks your skin will be performing at a higher level than it would have without a professional treatment. This is why you should seriously consider incorporating at least one or two of the products your Esthetician recommends because he or she will choose it based upon the concerns you’re trying to address and they usually include some sort of exfoliant and/or nutritive element to help support the regeneration the facial started. 
  • At 4 to 6 weeks your skin will be ready for another facial. Come in and enjoy a super effective- and relaxing- reset for both your body and your mind!


At BeautyCall we offer an Introductory Facial and complimentary skincare consultations for those who are new to skincare or to our spa in general and want to try us out. For clients who know what they’d like to treat we offer an array of targeted facials and even advanced skincare treatments for more challenging conditions. Contact us today to schedule your visit- we can’t wait to make you feel and look your best!

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